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Chasing sweater weather

Finally, a day chilly enough and not too humid for a sweater! Then again, it has been pretty cool here for the past few months. Thank God it’s the holiday period when I spend my time meeting and catching up with loved ones. Otherwise, I’d probably be spending everyday rolling around in bed, accomplishing nothing (as if I don’t do enough of that already).

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I am absolutely in love with this sweater! Another amazing buy from the Three Blind Mice flea. The material is lovely – not too suffocating or too thick, plus, how can you say no to the detail?

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I brought these lovely pants out again (from this post). I’m not quite sure how to describe them… plaid-esque/houndstooth/stripe mix? (Is there a word for this? Enlighten me!) I do wish they came with belt loops, though. Either that or that I grow big enough to fit in my pants nicely.

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My glasses were missing for the longest time, but I realized that it was just a case of disorderliness on my part. These frames make me look like a confused person, so most of the day, I was walking around looking like a lost sheep. Nothing wrong with that.

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