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Mid-week Musings: What is a blogger?

I’ve been blogging on Rouge & Ruche for about a year now mainly publishing outfit posts, but since it is a new year, I think it’ll be good to try new things for the blog. From time to time I ponder over certain issues related to personal style, fashion or blogging that I feel strongly about. I suppose it’s healthy to voice them out and I’d very much like to know if you feel the same, or otherwise. Feel free to contribute to the conversation via comments below or even emailing me directly – it’s always good to hear from others.

Many times I’ve summoned up courage to use the term”blogger”, but always backed down after realising how cringe-worthy it could appear when used to refer to a small fry like me. By the dictionary’s definition, I can be considered one – somebody who owns a website and writes about her personal interests and experiences. But by today’s standards, it takes so much more than just a website to consider someone a “blogger” – the term comes attached with expectations of a huge following, advertising opportunities and massive influence. Declaring that you are a “blogger” is like declaring a career – blogging has become more than just a mere side hobby and people are making a living out of that art of digital expression.

And then there are those who avoid the term altogether. When I first started blogging, I read an article on about bloggers who find new ways to express their craft, some of which include calling themselves writers or even editors. It’s as if the word “blogger” doesn’t do justice to their work ’cause their blogs have become even bigger than the term encompasses. Most of these blogs have become fashion or lifestyle resources, branching out from their initial stages of existing only as writings of personal experience.

Most of the members of the international fashion blogging community are open with using the term “blogger” regardless of how experienced he or she is. However in our circles, it might pass off as being too indulgent or showy. I’ve never been comfortable calling myself a “blogger” and have always resorted to telling people that “I own a personal style blog”, because that would induce a less skeptical response. It appears that it has become rather odd for a “blogger” to blog as a hobby and not commercially. That’s not to say that I’ve never considered the possibility of working with brands and producing content that serve a commercial purpose, but for now, I’m stuck in the in-between because by my current standards, I am not worthy of that term.

But I suppose when you’re really enjoying the process, these seemingly minor things don’t really matter as much – whether you can call yourself a “blogger” or not – because it’s really about sharing what you love to those who are open to receiving it. Nevertheless, it would be nicer if I could be completely at ease when talking about Rouge & Ruche openly.

What do you think? Should the term “blogger” be reserved for the big names or should it include everybody in the blogging sphere?

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