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Bombshell In A Bottle

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I am an absolute sucker for delightful fragrances. Be it Yankee Candles or shower gels from Bath & Body Works… give me anything with a good fragrance and I’m hooked. Strangely enough, I don’t experience quite the same thing with perfumes. Perhaps it’s the way I see perfumes as being a super personal way of expressing yourself and how I’ve realised how much they help to create a good impression when you go out to meet someone, therefore making me extra picky when buying perfumes. A perfume is part of self-expression, just as much as style and makeup are.

I’ve gone through many bottles of perfume in my 10 years of exploring beauty and fashion post-adolescence and I found that I am more attracted to fresh, fruity fragrances that are lighter. It always feels good to start the day with a fresh scent that will also help to perk you up during your mid-day touch-up. Victoria’s Secret Body Mists have been my go-to for the past couple of years, after I stopped swiping perfumes from my mom’s ever-growing stash. Body Mists could never fully do it for me, though – the smell usually goes off very soon after I spray it on, so I started looking to proper perfumes that can last me at least half a day, or even longer. About a year ago I got myself a bottle of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell to try out. I fell in love with the scent and one year later, I’m still hooked! I received Bombshells In Bloom as a birthday present last year and it is quite a delightful alternative to Bombshell. For easier reading, I have decided to review both perfumes as I would with makeup… or at least try to, to the best of my ability (I’m not very well-versed in perfume, I admit!).

According to the Victoria’s Secret website, Bombshell has notes of “purple passionfruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid”. Because I’m not adept at describe perfumes or scents (also since I did not know that passionfruit exists in any other colour besides purple), I shall describe the scent as fruity and fresh with a slight hint of floral undertones. It is also rather sweet without being overpowering, which is a huge plus for me.

Bombshells in Bloom, on the other hand, is very floral, as its name suggests. On the website, it is described to have notes of “pink freesia, red apple and water lily”. Its scent is a little heavier and a lot sweeter than that of Bombshell, which balances the fragrance out pretty nicely. It’s a very “girly” perfume and makes for a good daytime perfume when you’re heading out on a date or for a brunch appointment.

Both of these perfumes are SO pretty to look at! The perfume bodies, I believe, are made from glass, while their caps are plastic. They feel luxurious to the touch and look super glamorous on a dresser. The only issue I have is that extra decorative elements on the caps are very flimsy. My Bombshell bottle came with a circular Victoria’s Secret crest at the front but that fell off pretty easily (you can see the glue residue in the photo above). The flowers on the Bombshells In Bloom bottle also feel dangerously flimsy – sometimes I fear that I will accidentally rip them off. Granted, these little things don’t affect the scent but for such pretty bottles, you really want them to last as long as they can!

Staying power
Because I spray these on my wrists and on my clothes, they do stay on for much longer and I can still catch slight whiffs of them at the end of the day. However, I have read some reviews that they don’t have much staying power when only sprayed on skin. This I cannot verify, but based on personal experience, I am happy with both perfume’s staying power, though a touch up or two wouldn’t hurt. Nothing fantastic, but nothing too bad either.

Two absolutely lovely perfumes that I will purchase again. I have to admit, I do not remember how much Bombshell costed me but I believe that it didn’t come cheap. Nevertheless, it is an investment and I use it practically everyday, so I see that as justification for spending that much on a bottle. Also, one bottle can probably last you anywhere from two to two and a half years – that’s a pretty great deal, methinks! Also, did you know that Bombshell also works as an insect repellant? How odd!

What are your current go-to perfumes? Share them with me in the comments below!

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  • Reply Lubna

    Wow great blog! With the post Christmas sales, I FINALLY got myself the Lancôme La Vie Est Belle perfume. Before that, I was pretty loyal to Alien by Thierry Mugler and the more affordable Ed Hardy for Women Original for everyday 🙂

    – Lubna | The Digital Review

    December 28, 2015 at 5:46 am
    • Reply liyamh

      Thank you! I haven’t tried those, but I will definitely keep a lookout for them the next time I’m switching up fragrances!

      January 2, 2016 at 11:07 am

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