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    My First Public Garden: Loot

    Singapore Public Garden Independent Designer Jewellery Earrings Pouch

    This past Saturday, I dropped by the Public Garden for the first time. It’s a showcase of local and regional independent brands and their work, and I was glad that I finally got a chance to attend after always hearing about it from friends and social media. Here’s my loot from the market. (Coincidentally, all three buys are from brands based in Indonesia!)

    The first is a pouch by Kamarasan. They had their clothing collection on display, which featured ethnic-influenced prints. This design concept extends into their pouches that came in different sizes and styles. I got one as a case for my headphones, but I do wish that I got more because there were quite a number of prints that caught my eye. Next time, then!

    Singapore Public Garden Independent Designer Jewellery Earrings Pouch

    My next find was a pair of earrings from Ansy Savitri. Their latest collection is inspired by Qashani, which is a form of Persian decorative art used in tile work, and can be found in mosques or buildings in Iran. The blue roses you see on the leather base of the earrings is handpainted, taking cues from the floral motifs that can often be found in their design inspiration. The finishing touch? Beads that take on the shape of leaves and a stem, completing the flowers. They came in several colours, with different finishes on the beads. These stood out the most for me because I love how vibrant they are!

    Singapore Public Garden Independent Designer Jewellery Earrings Pouch

    Singapore Public Garden Independent Designer Jewellery Earrings Pouch

    My last buy was a pair of earrings from sadhu. Their brand signature: Woven accessories using rattan handcrafted in Bali. The owners of the store shared that they also source their components from Japan. On top of that, according to the little note that came in the box, they use re-purposed clam shells sourced from local clam farms. I absolutely love that sadhu works together with local businesses and Indonesian craftsman to create these works of art.

    On display were rattan earrings in all sorts of shapes and sizes, in both symmetrical and asymmetrical styles. I picked out this pair from the lot, which is from their Chinese New Year collection and named “Purnama”, which refers to the full moon in both Malay and Bahasa.

    What are some of your favourite independent fashion brands?


    First Look: Hana Tajima x UNIQLO SS16

    I got SO excited when I found out that Hana Tajima was collaborating with UNIQLO for a collection last year. Can you imagine my happiness when I found out they’re collaborating for a second time? Modest fashion lovers, rejoice! Presented as the 2016 Hana Tajima LifeWear collection, this season’s offerings feature the same clean, elegant aesthetic that we saw in its Fall/Winter debut, with an expansion on the idea of versatility in self-expression through style.



    (Image & video credit: UNIQLO)

    One thing that I love about this collection is how it reinvents traditional Malay pieces in fresh, contemporary ways which allow them to be worn on both formal and casual occasions. The collection includes tops styled in the traditional Malay baju kurung style as well as the kebaya in ways that don’t only cater to the Muslim fashion crowd, but to the modest fashion crowd as well.

    I also love how versatility isn’t only incorporated into the styling of multiple pieces, but also into the styling of a single piece. As part of the campaign, UNIQLO included this tutorial video on how to style one of their pieces in more ways than one. I hope that should more collaborations happen in the future, they will develop similar designs that allow us fashionistas to really get the most out of a single piece of clothing.

    (Video credit: UNIQLO)

    As much as I love the UNIQLO x Hana Tajima collaboration, I have to say that I was a tad bit disappointed at their AIRism Inner Hijab. It is super comfortable and lightweight, but it just didn’t fit very snug on me and didn’t accommodate my personal hijab style. However, it makes a fantastic sports hijab so if you are looking for an inner piece for workouts or don’t mind using it on its own, I highly recommend it. I wear mine under a hoodie (also from UNIQLO’s AIRism line) and it’s absolutely fantastic 🙂

    The collection releases today in selected stores around Singaore and is also available is now available online on the collection’s main site.

    Do you think about the collection? Share your thoughts with me!


    Beauty Goals for 2016

    Happy 2016, my friends! We’re one week into the new year, has it been treating you well? I’ve been spending my holidays travelling spending quality time with family and friends and just having a good break rejuvenating and refreshing myself for the year ahead. I hope everybody had a great time during the holiday season as well and you’re starting 2016 refreshed.

    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about new beauty products or techniques that I’d very much like to try this year. I like to stick to beauty routines I’m familiar with for the sake of convenience and time. My favourite looks have always included a strong lip colour, and as much as I love a good statement lip, it is nice to switch things up every once in a while 🙂 Here are some of my beauty goals for the year:

    1. Bring back the contour

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    Contouring isn’t new to me – I contour my face whenever I need to be on stage or when I am sporting a dark, bold lip for a nighttime look and I need some colour on my cheeks. 2015 was such a HUGE year for contour but I stayed away from it as I didn’t see the need for heavy contour on a day-to-day basis. However, recently, I have been breaking out the bronzer and brush in the daytime and I realise how much I love the way contouring looks under natural light. I’m quite sure that I will be experimenting with contouring again this year! I will be switching out my Bahama Mama for Sleek Makeup’s Face Form, I can’t wait to play around with my new kit!

    2. Experiment with more neutral lip colours
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    Neutral lip colours were tricky for me as with my skin tone, the wrong colour can really wash my lips out and make me look really pale and sickly. Hence, I usually opt for darker lip colours as they’re less risky buys but because of this, I haven’t got the chance to experiment with brown, neutral everyday looks as much. Last month I got my first tube of brown lipstick – Urban Decay Matte Revolution in 1993 – and I am in LOVE! This has opened a whole new world to me and now I want to get hands on as many brown/neutral lipsticks as I can, in all sorts of finishes. It also feels quite refreshing to have such an easy colour to work with in my makeup bag that complements almost every outfit that I have.

    3. Grow my brush collection

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    I’ve been saying this for ages – I NEED to grow my brush collection!! Good brushes are investments and it will take me a while to build a collection I’m proud of. This year, I want to make a conscious effort in slowly growing my personal set. I’d also like to start organising my brushes properly and developing a good routine to take care of them well. This brings me to my next point…

    4. Organise my makeup collection

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    My goodness, my makeup is EVERYWHERE! I have multiple makeup bags that I just store all of them in and they usually end up a mess after I rummage for products that I need when I go out. It’s time for me to sort out my makeup properly and get down to proper makeup organisation. If you have any tips or you know any good places with affordable makeup trays, do let me know –  I’d be very happy with any help I can get!

    Have you set any beauty goals for 2016? Leave your comments and links below!