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    Eid Looks 2018: A Twist On The Traditional Kebaya

    Modest Fashion Hijabi Blogger Singapore Eid Looks Hari Raya Batik Kebaya Baju Kurung

    Modest Fashion Hijabi Blogger Singapore Eid Look Hari Raya Batik Kebaya Baju Kurung

    Modest Fashion Hijabi Blogger Singapore Eid Looks Hari Raya Batik Kebaya Baju Kurung

    The first day of Eid/Hari Raya usually feels the most festive. Everyone celebrates after a month of fasting and don their festive wear, sometimes colour coordinated with the rest of the family. For this year, my family decided to go with purple as our colour for the first day. (It’s my favourite colour!) I found this outfit at my go-to mall for traditional wear. They sell the top and bottom batik print skirt separately, giving shoppers the freedom to mix and match different colours and prints how they like. I had lots of fun with that and settled on this bright pink and aqua blue floral design for the skirt which really stood out for me. It’s a great contrast against the purple top, which I liked because of the flared hem. Traditional kebayas have a more fitted look. The flared hem gave me a lot more freedom to eat as much as I wanted without feeling too self-conscious for the entire day!

    My Hijab Look

    I was a little nervous about trying a new hijab look. Past insecurities about my face and head shape made me question whether I was wearing it the right way. Right before I stepped out of the house for visiting, I told myself that as long as I felt comfortable and focused on what was most important for the day – spending time with family – everything was going to be alright. This was an easy hijab look that I pulled together with the help of this video, using a scarf by local modest fashion brand Nushee Nurra that I found at the annual Ramadan bazaar.

    Accessories & Shoes

    I wore a pair of earrings by sadhu, which I wrote about in this post. The rattan design of the earrings go really well with the batik printed skirt. I got my silver sling back heels from local brand Charles & Keith. They were the perfect Hari Raya heels, meaning that I could easily slip and out of them whenever I needed to entire/exit a family member’s home.


    As for my makeup, I used Glossier’s Lidstar in Lily, Fenty Beauty’s Shimmer Match Stix in Unicorn, and Mattemoiselle in One Of The Boyz. They are all different shades of purple, and it felt like a fun beauty and outfit pairing to try out.

    I’ll be posting about my second Eid look very soon. To everyone who’s still celebrating, have a great second week of Eid!

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    First Love

    A while ago, I was catching up on Margaret Zhang’s recent work on her website when I stumbled upon something she wrote that resonated quite strongly with me. In this post, she writes, “…music taught me how to feel, and everything I touch creatively is driven by emotion – sometimes to an irrational degree.” I think it’s a statement that a lot of people can relate to. Music will always be my first love, and I spent many years learning to play the piano, singing, performing, and making music within the comfort of my bedroom walls. This later developed into an interest in dancing, which I do my best to nourish by attending open classes every now and then.

    Modest fashion hijabi blogger Singapore street style denim jacket sudio headphones

    Modest fashion hijabi blogger Singapore street style denim jacket sudio headphones

    Music has the power to influence my mood in so many ways, it’s insane. These days, I’ve been staying connected to my favourite crooners and urban poets with a pair of Regent headphones from Swedish brand Sudio. They’ve kindly sent over a pair*, and I haven’t parted with them since. I love how classic they look – the white leather material complements the gold hardware so elegantly, and the marble caps add a subtle statement to the design. This is great because it means they’re versatile and I can match them with all of my outfits (the most important thing, lol!). I also appreciate that they’re Bluetooth headphones because my previous pair used to get tangled up in stuff a lot (yes, I can be quite clumsy). After using them for about 3 weeks, I notice that they last a really long time, and that’s coming from someone who tends to forget to charge anything that isn’t her phone or laptop. The website states that it’s built to last 24+ hours – I haven’t exactly put that to the test but I do notice that the battery life really does last quite a while!

    In this look I styled them with my favourite denim jacket that I found at a flea market in Singapore. I love the acid wash finish and the statement graphic at the back – a nod to the Young Romance comic books that ran in the 50s and 60s. I also have on a pair of hand-crafted earrings from madebyhazymomo, and Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick in Disturbed on my lips.

    Modest fashion hijabi blogger Singapore street style denim jacket sudio headphones

    Modest fashion hijabi blogger Singapore street style denim jacket sudio headphones

    Modest fashion hijabi blogger Singapore street style denim jacket sudio headphones

    Sudio has very kindly offered a 15% off for my readers with the code rougeandruche. They’re having their pre-summer promotion now, which means that you’ll get a complimentary tote bag with every purchase from their website from now till 30 June. International delivery is free, and purchases come with a one-year international warranty.

    I’ll leave you with a couple of my favourite tunes at the moment. I hope they get you grooving along as much as they did for me!

    *I was sent a free product in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.

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    What World Hijab Day Means to Me

    World Hijab Day, World Hijab Day 2016, #WorldHijabDay

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    Happy #WorldHijabDay, my friends! Today marks the third World Hijab Day, during which we celebrate the beauty of the hijab, as well as the acceptance of this choice Muslim sisters all over the world have made to celebrate their faith not only in their private lives, but in public as well. Wearing the hijab does not come easy for a lot of people, especially so for our sisters who currently reside in societies where they can be persecuted or bullied because of the way they look. I am blessed to be surrounded by a wonderfully supportive and accepting community, though over the years I’ve realised that not everybody has it that easy.


    I think that it’s amazing how far the hijabi community has come in addressing misconceptions about oppression by the hijab. Social media movements, viral videos, street art… these women are so admirable and they’ve done so much in creating conversation about the hijab in society. World Hijab Day brings this one step ahead by inviting women all over the world to don the hijab for a day to experience how it’s like to wear the headscarf out in public. It brings so much warmth to my heart when I read stories about people who do so, and share positive stories about their experiences.

    In my opinion, education is the key to overcoming hijab stereotypes. Conversation leads to awareness, which eventually leads to change in the form of security and positive attitudes towards hijabis. I was very heartened to experience so much positivity this past week when I shared my hijab story as well as my personal hijabi inspirations. I hope that you have learnt something new from reading the posts in my World Hijab Day blogging collaboration, and continue to pass on the stories to friends who might be curious about the hijab.


    As much as advocating for the hijab is important, I believe that it is a choice and nobody should ever be forced to put it on. Sometimes I see very disturbing messages or posts being shared on social media that degrade women who don’t cover up… I find that absolutely disgusting and that it perpetuates harmful behaviours towards women that could have been prevented through exposure to more positive messages about modesty. I think that we should respect women’s decisions and rights to don the hijab, as much as we should respect their decisions not to, and lend them our support when their hearts start to point in that direction.


    It’s only the third World Hijab Day, and look how far we have come! I do believe that this movement will continue to grow through the years, and I hope that it will cultivate a healthy, positive community of Muslim women who engage in meaningful conversation surrounding the hijab not only among ourselves, but with non-Muslims as well. We can make the world a better place, a safer place, together ♥︎

    Have you discovered something new about the hijab this past week? Share it with me in the comments below!

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