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World Hijab Day

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    What World Hijab Day Means to Me

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    Happy #WorldHijabDay, my friends! Today marks the third World Hijab Day, during which we celebrate the beauty of the hijab, as well as the acceptance of this choice Muslim sisters all over the world have made to celebrate their faith not only in their private lives, but in public as well. Wearing the hijab does not come easy for a lot of people, especially so for our sisters who currently reside in societies where they can be persecuted or bullied because of the way they look. I am blessed to be surrounded by a wonderfully supportive and accepting community, though over the years I’ve realised that not everybody has it that easy.


    I think that it’s amazing how far the hijabi community has come in addressing misconceptions about oppression by the hijab. Social media movements, viral videos, street art… these women are so admirable and they’ve done so much in creating conversation about the hijab in society. World Hijab Day brings this one step ahead by inviting women all over the world to don the hijab for a day to experience how it’s like to wear the headscarf out in public. It brings so much warmth to my heart when I read stories about people who do so, and share positive stories about their experiences.

    In my opinion, education is the key to overcoming hijab stereotypes. Conversation leads to awareness, which eventually leads to change in the form of security and positive attitudes towards hijabis. I was very heartened to experience so much positivity this past week when I shared my hijab story as well as my personal hijabi inspirations. I hope that you have learnt something new from reading the posts in my World Hijab Day blogging collaboration, and continue to pass on the stories to friends who might be curious about the hijab.


    As much as advocating for the hijab is important, I believe that it is a choice and nobody should ever be forced to put it on. Sometimes I see very disturbing messages or posts being shared on social media that degrade women who don’t cover up… I find that absolutely disgusting and that it perpetuates harmful behaviours towards women that could have been prevented through exposure to more positive messages about modesty. I think that we should respect women’s decisions and rights to don the hijab, as much as we should respect their decisions not to, and lend them our support when their hearts start to point in that direction.


    It’s only the third World Hijab Day, and look how far we have come! I do believe that this movement will continue to grow through the years, and I hope that it will cultivate a healthy, positive community of Muslim women who engage in meaningful conversation surrounding the hijab not only among ourselves, but with non-Muslims as well. We can make the world a better place, a safer place, together ♥︎

    Have you discovered something new about the hijab this past week? Share it with me in the comments below!

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    My Hijabi Inspirations

    Inspiration comes to us in many forms. There are so many inspirational hijabis in the world, and today I will only be sharing with you four of my personal ones, as part of my little blogging series for World Hijab Day. These wonderful women inspire me in different ways, so forgive me if my list appears to jump from one point of discussion to another.

    Now, in no particular order, my hijabi inspirations:

    1. Saufeeya Goodson

    I follow Saufeeya on Instagram and her feed is MAD. It is so carefully curated and her outfits are always so on point. I love how her confidence radiates through every photo that she publishes and how she treats her Instagram feed as a creative space rather than a platform to document everyday activities, which most of us use it for. Saufeeya inspires me to push myself creatively and explore social media spaces in different ways. Everytime I revisit her feed, I am reminded to think out of the box and be unafraid to express myself through my outfits and photography.

    2. Hana Tajima

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    I first gained interest in hijab fashion when I came across photos of Hana Tajima on Tumblr many years ago. I was intrigued at her effortless sense of style – it was never flashy, but more relaxed and contemporary. Whenever I needed a dose of inspiration, I’d take a look at her photos. Even the way I style my hijab is influenced by her! Since then my sense of style has developed to include other influences but Hana Tajima will always remain the first hijab style icon to pique my interest in this art and inspire me to develop that interest into something more.

    3. Malala Yousafzai

    (Image credit: Malala Fund Facebook)

    Reading about Malala never fails to make me question my life choices, all at once. She has my utmost respect and admiration for her accomplishments and her determination to create change and fight for what she believes in. A lot of the times I make the mistake of taking things for granted and not realising how fortunate I am to have been born and raised in a society where education and safety aren’t out of reach. When I think of Malala and the ordeals she went through, I remember that I have so much to give thanks for and also so much that I can do affect positive change. Her strength and courage inspire me so much. I don’t really know how to put this into words… in the course of my years on Earth, I hope that I’d be able to create real, tangible change, the way Malala is doing right now. What a goal to strive for.

    4. Niloofar Rahmani

    (Image credit: Niloofar Rahmani’s Facebook Page)

    I learnt about Niloofar Rahmani through an article by Buzzfeed which listed her as one of the “Badass women you probably didn’t hear about in 2015″. Niloofar became Afghanistan’s first female fixed-wing military pilot since the fall of the Taliban. And at just 21 years old! Unfortunately, fast forward a few years later, death threats from members of the Taliban and even her own extended family has forced her and her immediate family to flee her home and, according to this article, she is currently in the US training to pilot a special plane. I think it is so admirable that she still has the determination to succeed and live her dream despite the terrifying amount of danger that it puts her in. Her story really inspires me to push myself  to achieve the things I want and serves as a reminder that we all have the capacity and the strength to succeed within us. All that’s left for us to decide is how much effort we are willing to put in to get there and how much we are willing to sacrifice to reach our goals.

    Do you find inspiration in any of these women as well? Share your thoughts with me!

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